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Scope of services

Safety Assessment

Providing solutions for facility safety through testing, assessment and routine inspections. Design review, documentation review and inspections.

Conformity Assessment

Process for the whole NPP project, nuclear part and non nuclear part. Respective ASME/ASTM codes and ED (European Directives) requirements and local national legislation.

QMS Support

Implementation according to the world standards: Studies / Analyses / Design / Development. Materials. Manufacture / Procurement. Assembly and Construction. Commissioning. Operation. Decommissioning. Audits, Inspections and Tests

Special Processes implementation

Welding. NDT - Non Destructive Testing. Heat Treatment. Painting / Surface treatment. Chemical treatment.

Qualification of personnel

Personnel qualification for special processes:
Welding - ISO 9606/ISO 14732, 2014/68/EU (PED) requirements, ASME BPVC Section IX. NDT - ISO 9712. ANDE-1, SNT-TC-1A. Heat treatment. Painting.


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Professional support for Nuclear Power Plants

AATNA is a nuclear service provider for NPPs – core activities encompass full scope of technical and other services in the field of nuclear energy, covering for instance nuclear safety, radiation protection, design review, QA/QC, documentation review, inspections and other areas.

We are capable and ready to support expansion of Russian NPP industry internationally to satisfy all relevant national and international requirements of the regulatory and notified bodies, independent third parties and customer expectations.

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AATNA presentation

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AATNA presentation

Companies within AATNA group


ALTA, a.s.

Equipment and machinery supplies for power industry, design and implementation capacities.

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ALVEL, a.s.

Nuclear fuel engineering and scientific services. Reactor and fuel safety assessments in the field.

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TÜV Nord Czech

TÜV NORD Czech, s.r.o.

Product/system certifications, certifications of personnel, technical expertise and inspections in power industry. QMS (system). Environmental impact assessments.

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ATG s.r.o.

Services in NDT and special processes, personnel training and certification in the field. QMS (special processes). Engineered-to-order NDT equipment supplies.

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AATNA resources


in Russian and world markets
  • ASME BPVC authorized inspections
  • PED - Pressure Equipment Directive
  • ISO Standards for Quality (ISO 19 443)
  • ASME NQA 1
  • Environment and Safety at Work


our highly qualified technical personnel speak
  • Russian
  • English
  • German
  • Czech

Advanced skills

knowledge and experience
  • Russian market, codes and standards
  • Notified bodies according to EC Directives
  • over 450 certified professionals
  • memberships in many international bodies



tel EU: +420 605 707 216

tel RU: +7 917 580 55 44